sábado, junio 23, 2007

The Europeans apparently think that Israelis are morons

... and that we would be willing to negotiate with genocidal gangsters who intend to destroy us, if only they will release our kidnapped soldier. The effect of the cease fire, in the absence of any political changes in the attitude of the Hamas and the now defunct "Unity" government, would have been to secure Israeli acquiescence and international legitimacy for a genocidal government, which has demonstrated its true nature by butchering the members of its "partner" group in the "unity" government, the Fateh, and by torching churches. The reality of the "unity" government, as Israeli and U.S. diplomats correctly perceived, indeed, as everyone understood, was that Mr. Abbas and the Fateh had no real say in it, and that all decisions were made by the Hamas, presumably on orders from Khaled Meshal and his masters in Damascus. The eagerness with which Mr. De Soto and his friends, who must have known the truth, were will willing to sell out Israel and the Fateh to this monstrous government is instructive. Even now, after the real nature of the Hamas and of the "unity" government has been graphically and brutally illustrated by wholesale barbarism in Gaza, there are still "humanitarians" like De Soto, who are working tirelessly to legitimize these genocidal fanatics and enemies of humanity. Russia, Indonesia, Qatar and South Africa blocked a U.S. and EU initiative to back the government of Mahmoud Abbas.

Isn't it time to end the Hamas boycott, by ending the Hamas?

Ami Isseroff

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